Sunshine = Happiness

This weekend was pure Spring perfection.  We spent loads of time outside, or at least with the patio doors wide open when we were home, enjoying yummy food and delicious cocktails.  I know I'm not the only one who is so much happier when the sun is shining!  To be honest, that's the only thing I'm worried about when we move to South Dakota.  The winter days aren't nearly as sunny as they are here, and gloomy days seriously affect my mood.  Here's hoping I can bring some CO sunshine with me when I go!

In other sunshine news, I was a MORON on Friday afternoon and didn't properly sunscreen my arms and I got fried.  Like a lobster.  Seriously hoping turning 28 next week will smack some sense into me!  I do great taking care of my face and neck with my favorite products, but tend to leave the rest of my body to fend for itself.  Not anymore.

Anyway, this weekend was a great one, so let's do a little weekend rewind!

As I mentioned in this post, Friday was Opening Day for the Rockies and my friend Ashley and I had some plans to celebrate it!  We were originally going to venture downtown but we weren't going to be able to get down there until the celebration would've been going on for 4-5 hours...which meant 0 chance at parking and likely spending WAY too much time getting there and back, leaving little time for hanging out and chatting.  We opted to go to a bar closer to both of us, ended up skipping the game entirely, and talking for 5+ hours. So much fun.  I forget just how important it is for me to have some solo time away from all my boys...I always come back feeling recharged and ready to spoil them all with attention.
We capped off the night with a visit to Dave and Busters to wish our friend Tom a happy birthday.  We got to introduce Duke into some awesome people that haven't gotten to meet him yet and were all thoroughly wiped out when we got home. 

Duke blessed us with sleeping in a bit on Saturday and we followed that up with snuggles and giggles in bed.  I LOVE these moments, when we all are completely relaxed and just get to enjoy time as a threesome. 
After a couple hours, Duke decided he was due for a 2.5 hour nap, so our plans of venturing out of the house were squashed but when the baby needs sleep, let him sleep!  When he woke up he was ready to play and ended up rolling over for the first time from back to belly!  I may have cried, I was so proud.

We headed over to my sister's around 5 and her amazing husband cooked us a dinner that is in the top 3 of my favorite meals EVER.  Homemade chicken chimichangas {why does Blogger think I'm trying to type Michigan?!}, homemade refried beans with bacon, rice, and of course margaritas!  We were all painfully full when the meal was over that we completely skipped out on dessert, but the key lime pie in my fridge will surely get some attention this week. 

I made my sister get SnapChat because I've been having way too much fun with it with a few of my best friends.  We laughed harder than I have laughed in a long time doing creepy face swaps, and using each and every filter a million times.  Duke was not to be left out of the fun. 
Duke decided to sleep in again yesterday after staying up way past his bedtime on Saturday night, so more morning snuggles took place and then we decided to venture out for breakfast.  Dennis headed out to play some outdoor flag football with his friends and I cleaned up the house while Duke napped in the afternoon.  Then we headed out to Dennis' aunts house for a joint birthday celebration for some of his family members.  We capped off the weekend with cocktails and catching up on some of our favorite shows.  Another fantastic weekend in the books!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!  Think of it as a fresh start to a brand new week, not an end to your weekend. :)

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