Five on Friday: Totally Over Winter Edition

Good Afternoon friends!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday so far. I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday so I am happy as a clam to be headed into the weekend in a few short hours.  Check out this awesome forecast for the next few days! I am thrilled to get a little taste of Spring because I was freezing my tail off earlier this week and contemplating a move to Hawaii...

one- Duke's big boy room

We are hoping to make some progress on Duke's future big boy room this weekend.  A few weeks ago, we had all of the bedrooms in our house painted and I have a renewed sense of energy to get these rooms decorated and "done" since they've been in some state of unfinished since we moved in back in June.  I'm having fun and getting some inspiration for his room all over the internet and here are a few of the things/themes we hope to incorporate: Lots of color, superheroes everywhere, functional storage. It's worth noting that I think Dennis might be more excited than Duke about this room...

Getting so big! Side note: At his 15-month appointment yesterday, this nugget came in at 27lb14oz (95th percentile) and 33.5 inches tall (98th percentile).

So blurry but is there anything sweeter than a little human in an oversized t-shirt running for you?

two- nesting

I didn't really get a chance to "nest" with Duke because we moved into a new apartment about 3 weeks before he was due and I was way past the point of being able to clean like a crazy person.  This time, however, I feel like I am finding the delicate balance between #doingallthethings and feeling like my back is broken. At least I'm getting stuff done, right?!
three- dating-versary

Dennis and I celebrated 5 years since we first started dating last weekend.  February 4th will always be a special day for me, even though we have a wedding anniversary to celebrate now as well.  All relationships start somewhere, and I love thinking back on the early days of butterflies and nervousness and then seeing how far we've come in what feels like such a short time!
Love this guy
For fun here's our 4-Year Dating-versary and a tiny glimpse at our 2-Year Dating-versary {or at least a glimpse into what life was like 4 months before our wedding}

four- me time

I started reading this book last weekend and quickly finished it up within a few days.  I am loving my side business and my goal this year is to never stop learning how to be a better leader and take this business to the next level.  Offering great products that give people the best skin of their life and helping others change their family's financial future has truly changed our lives this past year and I can't wait to see where we take it!

Next up on my reading list is this book.  I can't remember where I saw it but I'm intrigued and hope it's a good one!  These days, reading is my favorite, quiet "me time".  It's so necessary and always manages to calm my nerves and quiet my mind.  #winwin
five- sunshine

I am praying that Spring makes it's real debut soon. I've got my eye on this double stroller and I am daydreaming about walks with baby Felecos and Duke in April.  They are also making awesome progress on the new city pool so even though my yard is covered in piles of snow, I've got my mind on laps in the lazy river with my sweet little fam.  A girl can dream, right? The only place I'm okay with snow is my snap chat filter...

Happy Weekend friends! Make it a good one!

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