2016 in Review: The Final Five

I am back to share the final 5 months of my 2016 in review. I loved taking a look back at January through July and reflecting on how much changed in such a short time...new state, new jobs, new everything!  Let's dive right in where we left off...


This was a big month for us.  Dennis got a job working at Verizon and Duke officially started daycare.  We were really lucky we were able to get through most of the summer without starting him because our wonderful daycare provider admittedly had her hands full with all of the school-aged kids out of school for the summer.  Dennis had been enjoying his summer home with Duke but he {and our bank account} was anxious for him to get back to work!  Duke kicked his first of many sicknesses and we did all the summer things we could like enjoying the local county fair.  We started supplementing Duke with formula this month also, and he turned a whopping 10 months old!


We had all kinds of fun this month with the annual Ribs, Rods, Rock n' Roll festival and the start of football season.  We also announced that Duke was prepping to be a big brother because we were pregnant again!  At this point I was feeling pretty terrible and I was convinced that baby #2 was a girl!  Apparently pregnancies are completely different sometimes...noted.


We kicked off this month by taking a weekend trip down to Lawrence to visit two of my best friends from college.  I opened up about what it's like to breastfeed while being pregnant and we took Duke to his first pumpkin patch!  The most important and exciting thing we celebrated this month was our sweet baby boy turning 1!  Duke's birthday was a blast and we were thrilled to celebrate a wonderful year with our main man.


Blog land was pretty quiet this month which is pretty normal considering I typically start hibernating when winter starts.  I traveled to New Orleans with Dennis and some of our good friends and then headed up to Washington D. C. for a work conference over election day.   We kicked off the holiday season with Thanksgiving which is one of my very favorite holidays and I slowly started to feel like a human again after a rough few months of pregnancy.


We ended 2016 with all sorts of excitement and more travel.  Things started off slow and a little scary as we experienced Duke's first trip to the ER.  I updated the blogosphere on Baby #2 and Duke got the hang of walking.  We celebrated Christmas 2016 in Denver and had an amazing time cramming as many family visits as possible into 4 short days.  Last but not least, we ended 2016 with a super low key New Year {not gonna lie, I miss champagne...} and I must say, 2017 is already off to a great start!  Here's to hoping I can get my act together and blog a little more this year...it's priceless to be able to look back at everything that's happened!


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